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A New Dawn~The Eleventh Order

Kraven A Moorehead, Mar 9, 13 3:18 AM.

The Eleventh Order
2375, the Allies were progressively wearing down the Dominion, the war seeming to be near its end. With their lines barely holding, the Dominion left many Cardassian worlds open to attack, leaving them nearly defenseless against invasion. Septimus III was just one of these worlds.

The Cardassian Eleventh Order's headquarters were located on this planet, though that Order was badly weakened from numerous battles throughout the Dominion War. General Martok claimed the Order consisted of "old men and walking wounded", and that the planet would fall with ease. Without reinforcements from the Jem'Hadar, his statement was not far from the truth.

Legate Damar realized the Eleventh Order's dire need for reinforcements, and Weyoun promised he would 'deal with it'. However, Weyoun's reassurance was without merit. For within a matter of days, the Klingon Empire, under Martok's leadership, landed 15 divisions and successfully conquered Septimus III - the entire Eleventh Order, comprised of 500,000 loyal Cardassian soldiers, was left to be slaughtered.

The Invasion of Septimus III was a pivotal event of the Dominion War. It revealed to Damar that the Dominion was not only willing to allow the Cardassian people to take the brunt of the allies' assaults, but that they would needlessly sacrifice as many Cardassians as they deemed necessary to win the war. Weyoun's betrayal, as well as the secret alliance made with the Breen fueled Damar's rage to the boiling point. It was after this that Damar decided to rebel against the oppressive Dominion, thus leading to the Cardassian Rebellion. (DS9: "Strange Bedfellows")

The remainder of the Eleventh Order fell back to Goralis system and reformed with Federation,Klingon and Romulan forces to create the new ~Eleventh Order~A Military body operating totally autonomous and following their own agenda operating a Fleet of advanced mixed Starships and Starbases.

If we lay it out this way it leaves it open to having the same Fleet name for all the playable races while also being able to bring together different play styles PvE,PvP and what i would like to start Roleplaying.

  How to tie them all together and role play

Using a common enemy as the basis for an allegiance is problematic unless there are other substantial areas for common ground, otherwise absent the common enemy the friends might well be enemies themselves. If the common enemy disappears, the allies might turn on each other. This has been shown before, such as at the end of Dominion War without a common enemy, the differences between the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Romulans and their other allies were no longer accepted because the threat they shared was absent.
Howard Tayler, using humor toward social critique, at the end WWII condenses the concept into "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more. No less."On the other hand, if parties that share common ground in other areas later find the need to ally against a common enemy, the ensuing alliance might endure even after the threat disappears such examples might be the states that formed the USA.

We would have Roleplayers in three separate factions Federation, Klingon and Romulan...possibly cardassian. PvP rep and the promise of Starbase PvP scenarios would in my opinion make this game even more fun than it already is. I also believe we would be the first fleet able to say we are the first true cross faction PvE,P and RP STO Fleet.


-Keeping track of our members, what their needs, wants, suggestions and concerns are. Fleet roster would be Personnel’s main task, weekly updates on a Google document or a website will keep the entire fleet up to speed anytime anywhere.

-Recruitments goal will be to bring in new members, this is a tough job. Recruitment will work closely with other sections, so that it can have as much support from the fleet as possible. Recruitment is the frontline of our fleet our face in the game community

The Embassy
-Don’t let the name fool you, The Embassy will be are Fleet public relations ambassadors. Ambassadors will be adept in the social network that is Star Trek Online. Website administration, forum posters and members with large friends lists will be well suited for this position.


-Astrometrics would be responsible for procuring items for star base and embassy assignment, such as data samples, replocatibles and other star base items. You will procure the items from your fellow fleet mates and organize them in a bank tab, doffs will be tricky many can be stored in mail but we don’t want one member holding all the doffs rumor is we may have a doff tab in are bank and base bank soon.

Duty officers and Assignments
-Members who are experienced with the doff system would run section, helping others with their doff system and Astrometrics with star base duty officer requirements. Also generating duty officers and consoles for Fleet Support.

Research and Development
  -These cats will negotiate the bank and star base projects, this role will be that of leadership. They will manage the fleets resources and basically be gods above the rest of us.


  Elite Tactical Wing
 -Elite Tactical Wing will schedule events for members to join, setting up fleet mark, rep and other fleet activity’s on the appropriate hours. Instruct members on proper STF procedures and gear setups, the wing’s main goal is the acquisition of very rare gear for the fleet support system.

Fleet Support
-Fleet Support will keep record of the events and the participants, rewarding members with fleet support points(FSP). Fleet support will collect and organize very rare gear from members and assemble sets for fleet support rewards.

PvP Tactical Wing
-The PvP Wing will hold weekly PeW PeW sessions, and Build clinics for members who want to maximize the builds. It is also the goal to have a five man premade team.

Role Playing and Fleet Structure

I know many people are somewhat weary of roleplayers. The stigma is that they are Eccentric, tend to be a little over the top and come off pushy or bossy. These players in my experience are rare most are gamers just like us but they tend to take more artistic licence with their characters. they take the time to write a bio or model their appearance a certain way. Many of u are probably saying well i do that and i'm not a roleplayer when really we are all playing a Massive Multi Player Role Playing Online Game.

The transition from a casual fleet(like it is now) to a Structured Fleet is a certain degree of role play in the first place. We need leaders, systems experts, social awareness personnel,doffs, recruiters we need Commitment from the members that want to step up to these roles and we want confirmation that new and casual members or those that don’t have the time to certain jobs still get recognition and merit for what time and skills they do contribute. Now we can still be a casual fleet and i don't want this to be like... where this, do that, don’t do this, stand in one spot for 2 yrs while i drone on about fk all. Our Role playing will be first the development of Divisions within the fleet. Everyone will have a role in a fleet division and i would like to see each division have a weekly assignment. Like say an event (Operations Division Weekly) would be created. And the description would read...

Starbase provisions blah blah blah needs 60 ops doffs 30 sec doffs 1200 stem bolts...ect pls fill order when new upgrade pops

Officer Reward 2000 FSP (split pot meaning the officers get to give or split the 2000 ~FSP~)

For Completion

(meaning these officers spread awareness, collected resources from members and kept track of who donated what.)

FPS can also be Banked and Givin... so say Hesh has 25,000fsp and he has everything he ever wanted in game and then some...He can give his 25,000fsp to Krista...this would involve some type of roleplay and other leaders would have to agree and be present like say have at least 3 rank 6 or higher not allow favoritism.

and also 100 fsp to all in that division on that week or not, so if hesh worked all week his division still got him some points kinda thing. We will work the formula with the current price of Dilithium somehow and i'm sure we won't have people cleaning us out with there fsp. fsp will be a good means of keeping track of donations, activity right up to promotions

This is all role play very basic role play and can be played by both the casual or the hard core rps out there. I myself have been playing for 2 yrs everyday pre ordered and have been a trek fan my whole life, Role playing Star Trek has been with me since i was a kid and now i have exactly what i wanted when i was 12yrs old a Starship and a means to use it. Anyone who wants to start role playing send me a mail and when there are at least 10 of us we will have a rp meeting and figure out stories, activities and strategies

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